Palani Temple

Palani Temple

Location 60km from the city of Dindigul in the state of Tamil Nadu
Dedicated To Lord Muruga
Significance Temple of Wisdom
Also Known as Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Devasthanam

Dedicated to Lord Thandayuthapani or Lord Murugan the supreme commander of the celestial army, it is one of the six famous abodes known as ‘Aarupadai veedu’. The Palani hill temple lies about 152 km from the district of Trichi. The shrine of Lord Murugan is atop a hill 500 feet in height. There are several theerthams enclosing the hill. The old shrine Aavinnankudi is believed to constructed be 2000 years before.

Lord Murugan, considered the deity of the Tamil Land Palani is the third Padai veru. The view of the Idumban hill is clear from the temple. The lord is seen holding the staff in his hand in a standing position. The appearance of the deity is like a man who had renounced the worldly pleasures. A small piece of loincloth covers his body.

Legends opines that once Lord Shiva was confused as to whom he should offer the fruit of knowledge offered by Narada. He then decided to arrive at a decision that whoever circulates round the earth faster would get it. Lord Subramanu jumped on his vahana for a trip round the earth while Lord Ganesha being smarted revolved round his parents in a mouse. Pleased by his devotion to then , he was given the fruit. Later when Subrramanyu returned he was displeased and renounced his parents angrily and settled in Palani. Thus, came the existence of Palani from his other name of Muguda.
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Temple Architecture

The icon of the deity unique in the world was made by Siddha Bhogar with the combination of nine poisonous substances or Navabashana. The Lord signifies beauty and youth. The deity placed at the top of a hill can be reached by climbing the flights of steps. There are about 690 steps to the top of a hill. Large corridors are attached to the temple. the temple is considered one of the major pedal petra sthalams in the country.

The structure looks different with the Tirivavinankudi temple located at the bottom of the hill while the Palani Andavar is placed on top. In the core of the inner sanctum there are situated shrines of Navaveera, Navadurga, the Saptamataas, Kailasanadar and Chandeswarar. There is also placed the shrine of Bhogasiddhar, the founder of the Palani temple.

Daily Chores in the Temple

The early morning worship starts at 6 am and the temple is open all day until the last worship is conducted at 8 pm. Devotees are seen making a beeline to have the blessings of the deity.


Special puja’s are held every month on the day of Karthigai. The major festival of the temple is the Thaipoosam in the month of January, Vaisakan visakam in may while the main occasion is the Pankuni utharam that draws a large devotees from all over the state of Tamil Nadu.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is in Madurai situated at a distance of 119 km from Palani.
By Rail: There is a small rail head at Palani but, it is advisable to travel up to Dindigal or Madurai by train and take the bus route or taxi to reach Palani.
By Road: Palani is well connected by road with all important cities in Tamil Nadu. There are regular buses to Madurai, Coimbatore, Chennai, and Dindigal.

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