Mysore Travel

Mysore Travel

Location In the state of Karnataka, 140 kms from Bangalore
Also Known as City of palaces
Prime attractions Chamundi Hills, Mysore Palace
Temperature Max-34° C and Min -21°C
Population 7,42,261
Area 6,269 sq. km
Altitude 776 m above sea level

Mysore Travel Guide

Mysore, the former capital of Karnataka is renowned as the City of palaces. The palaces are the main travel attraction of Mysore. The princely state is a dream destination of any travellers with its unique environment, clean streets and the serenity of the area. The fragrant city, as it is also known for is filled with aromas of varied smells all over the places. It is blessed with some of the best smelling incense trees growing here. Situated at a distance of 140 kms from Bangalore city, the industrial capital of Karnataka, Mysore has lot to offer to the visitors.

Earlier it was the capital of the old royal Mysore province and expands to the ‘Mahishasurana Ooru’ meaning the town of Mahasasura. Mysore was ruled by the Wodeyer family since 14th century till the 18th century. It was for a brief period of about 40 years under the rule of Hyder Ali and Tipu sultan in the 17th century. Mysore welcomes each and every guest with its quaint charms,meticulous planning, magnificent palaces,imposing structures,gardens that re minds the old heritage of the Maharaja’s Capital city.

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Major Travel Attractions of Mysore

Chamundi Hills: The Chamundi hills give the required natural background to the city of Mysore and the hills is of 1,100feet high. On top of it is the temple dedicated to the Goddess Chamundeswari, the family deity of the earlier royal Woodeyer’s. Visitors to the temple has to drive through a 13 km stretch or walk the 1, 000 stone steps. Just outside the entrance of the temple lies the statue of Mahisasura, the demon killed by Goddess Parvati as Kali. There is also to be found a majestic 4.8m huge structure of Nandi, the bull who, was Lord Shiva’s personal mount.

Brindavan Gardens: The Brindavan Garden are situated close to the city and is a half hour drive from the center place and is one of the major travel attraction of Mysore. The famous terraced gardens are renowned world over and are bordered by waters on its sides. The well maintained gardens have manicured steps with the fountains emitting soft colours light to add to the delight.

Lalitha Mahal Palace: Built in the year 1930 for the guest of the Woodeyers, the prime travel attraction of the place is a staircase made of the Italian marble. The stair cased marbles branches off from a high landing to reach to the first floor hall. The Lalitha mahal is surrounded by green lawns and tall trees. The Mahal has presently been converted to a grand hotel by the tourism corporation.

Mysore Palace: Constructed in a sarcenic style in about 897AD, The Mysore temple can be seen with both the Hindu architectural influence as well as the Muslims. Designed by an English architect and completed in 1912, it was built to replace an earlier created mansion which was burnt down in 1897. The main palace within the building is made of massive grey granite with a tower having a gilded dome. The interiors are coloured with turquoise blue, magenta, golden yellow and leaf green. The central was used for the marriage and other major events. There is a temple and a museum situated within its territory.
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Neaarby Travel Attractions of Mysore

Bandipur: About 80 kms from Mysore and on the way to Ooty, the Bandipur forest reserve is located. Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary in the Chamarajanagar district exemplifies ample advancements towards India’s strive for natural conservation. It was earlier the hunting ground of the Maharaja of Voodiyar and later created in to a park in 1930.

The park was expanded in 1941 to merge with the Nagarhole wildlife Sanctuary lying to its northern edge and the Madumalai sanctuary lying to its southern edge. In the present context, the entire area constitute the vast Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which comprises the tracts of protected forest. Designated a Tiger reserve in the year 1973 to protect the dwindling Tiger population, the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary lie in the Deccan plateau totally shadowed by the western ghats.


Mysore is best known for its exotic sandalwood and rich silks. Tourist can buy Sandal Powder, Sandal Oil and scented incense sticks. At the Government Silk Factory visitors can see the master weavers at work and buy shimmering silks straight off the looms. The shop are at Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium or in the little back streets.


Besides the star category hotels, there are also cheaper hotels that provide excellent accommodation to the tourist according to their budgets. The prominent ones are the 3 star Ramanashree hotel, 2 star Quality inn and the Lalitha mahal palace. The 5 star category includes the Oberoi hotel, the Leela Palace, the Taj Residency.

How to Reach Mysore

By Air: The nearest airport from Mysore is at Bangalore140 kms away. From here one can take flights for most of the important cities in India.
By Rail: Mysore rail station is connected with most of the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai through regular trains. Between Mysore and Bangalore, there are several good trains like the Shatabdi and Tipu Express.
By Road: There are a good network of roads which connects Mysore to the other important cities of the region. Regular buses under state and public operate to Delhi-2154 km, Mumbai-1168 km, Calcutta-2147 km, Chennai-469 km and Bangalore-140 km.

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