Kanyakumari Travel

Kanyakumari Travel

Location In Nagerkoil District of the state of Tamil Nadu
Also Known as The Granary of Travancore
Prime attractions Kumari Amman Temple
Temperature Max 36°C to Min 18°C
Population 32660 (1991 census)
Area 1672 sq.km

Kanyakumari Travel Information

Kanyakumari city lies to the southern most tip of India and is the confluence of the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. An important pilgrimage site, it is of special interest for the Hindus. The mystic land offers a wonderful sight of the Sun rising and setting which can be enjoyed to its best at Cape Comorin which makes Kanyakumari a popular travel destination of South India. The virgin land is surrounded by Majestic Hills and the plains bordered by colourful shores of the sea. Filled all over with the swaying palm and the coconut trees, green paddy fields, patches of red cliffs with undulating valleys in the high mountainous terrains.

The Kumari Ammam temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati as Devi Kanya meaning the virgin goddess who with her devoted penance won the heart of Shiva. But on the due date Lord Shiva could not turn up at the particular venue of wedding and so the wedding never took place. Hence forth, She came to be known as Kamyakumari. Just beyond the tip of the land lies the rock on which is built the Vivekananda Memorial. The revered place was earlier the center of meditation of Swami Vevekananda.

Bounded by the districts of Tirunelveli to the north and the east, Kanyakumari was once termed as The Granay of Travancore. It was in Travancore for a long period of time till it was finally merged with Tamil Nadu in the year 1956 under the state Reorganisation Act.
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Major Travel Attractions of Kanyakumari

Kumari Amman Temple: The Temple is situated on the shores very near to the ghats, location makes it an important travel attraction of Kanyakumari. Its beautiful location as well as the sacred name associated with the temple brings large number of tourists to the temple premises. The temple is dedicated to Devi Kanya, one of the many forms of Parvati , wife of Lord Shiva. Devi Kanya with her penance and devotion for the Lord was able to win his heart and marriage was arranged between the two. Unfortunately, on the particular date Lord Shiva due to some unavoidable circumstances could not turn up at the venue and the marriage could not be held. It was hereafter that the Devi came to be known as Kanyakumari. Non Hindus are not allowed in to the inner sanctum where the Deity of the goddess is placed.

Temple Of Goddess Bhagavathi: Located in the picturesque confluence of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea, the Bhagavathi Temple was built by the Pandyas, temple is one of important travel attraction of the place. It was expanded in the hands of the nayakas in the later years. The temple consists of three prakaras and the particular place where the image of the goddess is kept in the sanctorum is serene and complete silence maintained. The goddess is seen caring a necklace in her right hand. The eastern gate of the temple was open only five times a year.

Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial: The Rock Memorial stands testimony to the incident of Swami Vivekananda who in 1892 came to the place on a pilgrimage tour. Charmed by the beauty, he swam to the rock on the tip of the land and spent the whole night in meditation. Having liked the place to his heart and acquiring eternal knowledge, he decided to spread the knowledge of vedanta. To commemorate his visit to the place, the rock Memorial has erected on the particular spot of meditation.

The Temple at Suchindram: One of the finest temples,the temple at Suchindram lies 13 kms from Kanyakumari, A beautiful tank is on the outer side of the temple. It is among the fewest temples in India where the trinity of the Hindu religion, Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva are worshipped together. The Linga by the name of Sthanumalaya is seen in three parts. The Top represents Lord Shiva, the center Lord Vishnu and the base is to lord Brahma.
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Nearby Travel Attractions of Kanyakumari

Kumarakovil: On the foot of the Velimalai hills in Kalkulam Taluk, 34 kms far lies the nature abundant place of Kumarakovil. The Lord Muruga Temple is constructed above the hillock about 200 feet high amidst a lush green field of paddy, coconut and palm plantations. Admired for its beauty the temple also contains the image of Goddess Valli, wife of Lord Subramanya by his side. There is a lake to the right side of the temple suitable for boating and swimming.


Souvenirs and handicraft articles made from sea shells and palm leaf are the main attractions to buy from Kanniyakumari. Decorative items made of wood and bamboo are a good purchase at cheap rates.

The Tamil Nadu Co-optex sales emporium, Indco products, Tamil Nadu crafts and Pumphuar are some of the places where these materials are available.

Accommodation at Kanyakumari

Among the prominent hotels, best comfort are provided to the tourists at Cape Residency Hotel and the 3 Star Hotel Singaar International. These are fully furnished with attached bath, AC rooms, entertainment of satellite television and multi cuisines kitchen.

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is situated in Trivandrum about 80 kms away. From there direct services are available to Bangalore, Mumbai, Cochin and Delhi.
By Rail: Kanyakumari is well connected by rail to major parts of the country. It is connected to Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi, and Mumbai by broad-gauge railway network. Superfast trains connect Kanyakumari with northern cities like Jammu and Delhi.
By Road: Regular buses are available to Trivandrum situated 86kms away, Nagarkoil 19kms, Tirunelvelli 91kms and Madurai 242kms.

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