Varkala Travel Guide

Varkala Travel Guide

Location 41 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala
Prime travel attractions Varkala Papanasam Beach
Temperature Max-35° C and Min -20°C
Population 42273 (2001census)

Varkala Travel Information

Varkala, a recent addition to the list of travel destination in the state of Kerala has gained importance within the last two years. Silent from the maddening crowd, life moves slow and there is no indication that it is a place of travel attraction.

41 kms from Trivandrum, it is a beach resort still in the process of development. The Varkala beach is popular for the spectacular sight of the setting sun as well as the early morning rise seen from the shores of the Arabian sea. Historically, Varkala is famous for Guru Narayana’s work who used to teach Sanskrit and Ayurveda in Shivgiri, a place in Varkala. Today Varkala had changed itself from an unknown travel destination to an important Hindu pilgrimage center. The most important travel attraction of Varkala is the Papanasam Beach and the 200 year old Sri Janardhan Swami Temple.
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Major Travel Attractions of Varkala

Varkala Beach: The Papanasam Beach located 42 kms from Triruvantham is a favourite hot spot along the coasts of Kerala. It offers a unique pleasure in observing the rising and the setting sun from the shores of the beach. It is a wonderful poetic location and just unimaginable watching the sun melt down the sea. In the monsoon season the waves are seen rising high and hitting the cliffs and the rocky banks while the mineral spring water gushing from the hills makes it a perfect travel destination to forget the traffics of the city for a few days. The mineral waters are believed to contain medicinal properties that can cure a lot of ailments of the body.

The Vishnu Temple: The enchanting beach also holds in its precinct a 2000 years old temple where the shrine of Lord Vishnu of the Hindu religion is placed inside. The place is seen lighted with candles and the smell of incense sticks spreads all over the area.

Janardhana Temple: Varkala preserves an ancient culture of the land and can be reflected in the 800 years old Janardan temple. Dedicated to the Lord of Ayappan and Hanuman on the hill top, it is great significance to the Hindus. It is often referred to as southern Kasi. The temple is full with devotees from the nearby places from early morning to the evening with smells of incense and oil lamps lighting here and there in the places of the temple.

Sivagiri: The famous guru Narayana, a saint and reformer and the leader of the Ezhava community made Varkala his principle place in the period between 1855 to 1928. He laid the foundation of the Sivagiri mutt and it has of late been another attraction of the small wonder destination. Pilgrims come to this place between December to January every year. The samadhi of the late Guru is preserved in this place and thousands come to pay their respect. The mutt has the privilege of being the headquater of Narayana Dharma Paripalana Sangham, a religious organisation which believes in the concept of One Caste, One Religion and One God.

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Nearby Travel Attractions

Nature Cure Center: Nearby is located a nature care center to help relax and rejuvenate the body of the visitors as well as the peoples residing in the locality. The use of herbal and traditional methods gives a unique experience to the peoples coming there


The place of Varkala is full of little trinkets and souvenir. The little Tibet market held in the place has a lot to offer to its visitors.


Hotel in Varkala provides an unique ambiance to the visitors in room services, cuisines of varied taste and benefits like safe locks, open balconies etc. The 4 star Hotel Taj Garden Resort is one of the best. Other best hotels are in Trivandrum which includes the Muthoot Plaza.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport at Valiyathura 41 kms far. Flights to Major cities like Cochin, Madras, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa and Bombay are available from there.
By Rail: The nearest railway station is also situated at Trivandrum from where facilities to all important places are available.
By Road: Road connectivity to major cities of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is accessible . Regular buses operate to these major places from Varkala.

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