Marari Beach, Kerala

Marari Beach, Kerala

Location 60 km south of Cochin in the state of Kerala
Also known as Mararikulam
Major Tourist Attractions Cochin harbour, St. Francis’ Church, The Dutch palace
Temperature Min 28° C and Max 33° C

The Marari beach extracts its name from the fishing village of Maraikulam which is still not awakened to the Development around the world and life goes on as usual as it did hundred years ago in India. The fishermen are seen going to the sea every day to catch the fishes for their livelihood. The Marari beach has endless miles of sandy beaches sheltered by the swaying palm trees. Completely new as a tourist beach destination, its virgin territory offers a silent holidaying in full pleasure of being isolated from the rest of the world.

The scintillating experience of the tranquil Kerala backwaters moving around the stunning scenery makes it a perfect tourist paradise. The sound of the sea waves hitting the shores of the beach is a lovely sight for the tourists who can experience it in its natural surroundings. The palm trees look like a wall coloured green from a distance with the expanding Arabian sea to the front.
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Beach Activity

The untouched and uncrowded Marari beach gives its visitors the pleasure of surfing, para sailing, skiing in the waters of the Arabian sea in India. If there are enough visitors then beach volleyball is an option open to relax as well as go for a bit of muscle exercise. There are seen large castles built by the children and young peoples according to their thoughts and liking. The strolls and beach resorts offer the visitors the much needed relief to fill their stomach with some delicious tasty foods.

Major Attractions Nearby

St. Francis’ Church: It is the oldest surviving European church in India. The chants of the Roman catholic was first heard in India from this church. Built as a wooden structure by the friars accompanying the Portuguese to India in the year 1503. It was later renovated by the followers of St Francisco in the 16th century.

The Dutch palace: Situated at Mattancherry, the palace was built by the Portuguese and offered as gifts to the then Cochin ruler Vira Kerala Varma in the year 1555.The wooden ceilings of the coronation hall were incorporated by the Dutch and hence the name remained as the Dutch Palace. The greatness lies in the mural paintings done on the wall of the palace. Near about forty-five scenes from the epic Ramayana adore the walls of the bedchamber.

Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin Harbor: The fishing nets in the harbor are a wonderful sight. These cobweb like structure falls suspended from a wooden frame work forming a delicate silhouette beautiful to look at when the sun sets ,giving out shades of crimson.

Jewish Synagogue: Placed in Mattancheri, this ancient synagogue was built by the Jewish community thriving the place in around 1568. Still preserved carefully, the religious scrolls and hand painted tiles from China decorate the structure.
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By Air: The Marari Beach is about 64 km from Cochin Airport.
By Rail: The Marari Beach is 5 km from the Railway Station .
By Road: Marari is connected by road from Cochin, which deviates 1km from the National Highway.

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