Lakshadweep Travel

Lakshadweep Travel
Lakshadweep partly submersed in the blue waters of the Arabian sea spell bounds its visitors with its emerald isles. The panoramic view of the island decorated with the wonderful lagoons, sylvan sea shores with the swaying palm trees waits in open arms to welcome its visitors. Lakshadweep unfolds the mystery of its rich marine life with the tall coconut trees in the vicinity. The isolated islands offer a relaxed stay in the beaches. Among the many coral islands only 10 are inhabited and five are open to the tourists.
The tiniest union territory of India, the Lakshadweep Islands are the ultimate exotic diving locations found in India covering a distance of 250 miles off the southeastern coast of the Arabian sea. The islands are called “the Laccadives” by the local peoples and lies 400 km from the state of Kerala. The Palm fringed beaches impart fresh air of coolness to the visitors even in the hotter days.
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Beach Activities

Bangaram and Kadmat, the two prominent Islands frequented by the travellers are favourite spots for snorkeling in the shallow waters. Diving centers are built on the islands. Other activities like swimming, sailing and rowing are also common specially in the uninhabited islands of Tinnakara, Parali-1and Parali-II. Winged surfing is the best water sport activity in the Island of Bangaram.

Beaches of Lakshadweep

Kavaratti Beach: The capital of Lakhadweep, Kavaratti offers a relaxed feeling to its visitors. The beach is known to be suitable for sunbathing and enjoying out the water sports activities. The marine aquarium and the Dolphin diva center are popular travel attractions. There is the facility of enjoying the sea ride in a glass bottomed boats.

Kalpeni Beach: The beach is widely known for its encapsulating beauty, which makes it major travel attraction of Lakshadweep, combined with the small isles of Pitti and Tilakam, along with the uninhabited island of Cheriyam. The huge mass of coral banks and a shallow lagoon encloses all of them on the eastern shoreline. The corals are believed to have been created after huge Boulders were thrown in a storm in 1847. The activities includes paddling the reef, pedal boating and sailing.

Minicoy Beach: Located in the southern most island, the crescent shaped beach has one of the largest lagoons. The Maldivian cultured lava dance and the water races between the local boats termed as the Jahadhoni are interesting for the visitors and are the prominent travel attraction of this part of India. Developed and modern in its constructions, the beach has a bathing hut, changing rooms and arrangements for water activities. There is a 300 ft tall light house to add to its beauty.

Kadmat Beach: The 8 km long beach is suitable for scuba diving. The southern part of it consists of stretches of sand perfect for the sunbathers. The beach hut built there provides relief from the heat of the sun. The transparent waters of the beach protects many tropical fishes and sharks. Every form of venturing into the waters are available to the tourist including skiing and diving.

Bangaram Beach: The tear drop shaped island has a lagoon and its wealth of black corals attracts the tropical fishes like the fish angel, clown, groupers making it a wonderful tourist hot spot. The beach looks really marvellous in the night with the murmuring and splashing of the waters on the shores as well as the movements of the sharks and hawkbill turtles. Activities popular are wing surfing and scuba diving while deep sea fishing is a favourite hobby of the travellers, possible on the boats with the help of the locals.

Agatti: The Airfield island has a beautiful beach and lagoon for its visitors. Tourist coming to travel Lakshaweep lands at this very place and are charmed by the beautiful landscape surrounding it. It is the virtual gateway to Lakshadweep.


By Air: Flight from Kochi is available upto Agatti. From Agatti there are boats operating to different islands Ship cruise are also available but only for Indian National.
By Rail: Nearest station is situated at Kochi (Cochin) in the mainland Kerala.
By Sea: Ferry and Speed boat services are available from Kochi (Cochin) in the mainland to the scattered islands of India.

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