Guruvayur Travel

Guruvayur Travel

Location Thrissur in the state of Kerala
Also Known as Dwarka of the South
Prime attractions Sri Krishna Temple
Temperature Max 35°C to Min 25°C
Population 21187 (2001 census)

Guruvayur Travel Information

Situated 29 km from the city of Thrissur, Guruvayur is among the most revered pilgrimage destination in the state of Kerala, India. Known as the Dwarka of the South India, it houses the famous Sri Krishna Temple. Many pilgrims travel to Guruvayur to visit this temple. Built in a simple architectural style, this ancient temple is believed to have been constructed earlier than 16th century AD. The sacred temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is better known as Guruvayurappan or the Lord of Guruvayur.

History reflects that the well known poet, Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri composed his Sanskrit Devotional poem Narayaneeyam in this particular place. Even it is said, that Lord Brahma himself worshipped the idol of Guruvayur at Dwarka. According to the old manuscripts, the temple is the creation of Guru, the preceptor of the gods, and Vayu the god of winds. The temple has a 33.5 m high gold plated Dwajasthambam or the flag post in the outer enclosure. The entire place of Guruvayur can be seen with large number of pilgrims and visitors that travel to have a glimpse of the lord.

Legends view, that King Sutapas and his lovely wife, being childless worshipped Lord Brahma for a child who in turn handed over the idol, that is now installed in the temple of Guruvyur for worship. Later praised by their devotion Lord Vishnu himself appeared in his entire form and promised them to be born as their child. It is then finally lord Vishnu was reincarnated as Lord Krishna.
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Major Travel Attraction of Guruvayur

Sri Krishna Temple: The attraction of this temple is the grand deity of Lord Sri Krishna. The temple small in comparison than the other south Indian temple is entered through the east direction. The eastern gateway is known as the Bholoka Vaikuntham and is the main entrance to the temple. The other enclosures contains a 110 ft high gold plated dwajastambam or flag ship. To both side of the flag post are the pillars of lamp providing a spectacular view at night with its circular receptacles.

In the center of the temple is located the central shrine called the Shikoli. The Shikoli holds the sanctum santorum where the main deity of Lord Krishna is placed. The wall portrays the early life and past times of the Lord. The Nalambalam, encircles the inner sanctum having the altar. The southern part consists of the mystery cell believed to preserve the jewels and ornaments well protected by the serpents Panchanagas. The courtyard is termed as Matilakan and the temple tank is called the Rudra titha. Next to the tank lies the shrine by the name of the goddess Edatharikathu kavil bhagavati.

Zoo and Art Museum: The state Art Museum and the Zoo are situated at a distance of just 2 km from the central city of Trissur. Both the Zoo and the Museum are enclosed with the same boundary wall and is home to a large variety of preserved species. There is also a snake park to add to the charm of the Zoo. Within the museum are displayed various collection of wood carvings, metal sculptures and ancient jewellery along with the idols and the traditional antiques of Kerala.

Punnathoorkotta: Just 2 km from Guruvayur in the place called Punathoorkotta, lies the largest elephant park in the world and is a major travel attraction for wildlife lovers. The park consists of about 60 tuskers that are the beauty of the place. The tuskers are donated by the devotees to the pilgrim place of Guruvayur. These elephant are brought as ritual offering to the temple and are groomed at this place. It is really an interesting sight to see at a time so many elephants in harmony with each other.

Peechi: The fascinating picnic spot, is better known for the Peechi Dam situated 23 km east of Trisur. The Dam which initially was statted as an irrigation projects offer facilities for boating at the reservoir. In this location also is placed the 125 sq km Peechi Vazhani wildlife sanctuary home to the tuskers, Tigers, leopards and the wild dogs. Sambhar and deers can be spotted some times. There is also to be found different species of Orchids and medicinal plants.
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Nearby Travel Attractions of Guruvayur

Athirapilly – Vazhachal Water falls: The Athirapilly and Vazhachal Water falls located at a distance of 62 km in the southern district of Thrissur makes the state more attractive in terms of natural beauty. The falls are 400 meters wide and fall through a height of 80 meters, these water fall are enthralling to any traveller visiting the place. These water fall lies in close vicinity at a short distance of 5 km from each other.


The Shopping malls in Guruvayur offer items such as clothing accessories and shoes apart from electronic goods. These items can be purchased at a reasonable prices.

Accommodation at Guruvayur

The place of Guruvayur offers convenient stay to its vistors and devotees who travel to Guruvayur. Some of the prominent hotels in the area are hotel Forte Gate, Mayura Residency, Krishna inn and Hotel VanamalaKusumam. These hotels are affordable for any type of visitors. The hotel also provide AC and Presidential suites to the elite travellers.

How to reach

By Air:The nearest airport is in Kochi or Cochin 90 km away from Guruvayur. From there there travel links are available to major destinations of India.
By Train:The nearest rail head is located in Thrissur or at Kuttipuram from where Guruvayur is just 52 kilometers.
By Road: There are buses available to the place from Thrissur, Mysore and other important places on a daily basis, about five buses runs every hour from Thrissur.

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