Kerala Backwater

Kerala Backwater
A part and parcel of the state’s travel and tourism industry, the backwaters of Kerala has played a vital role in shaping the past and present of the state. These backwaters are proof that the state of Kerala is destined to have a brilliant future. These palm-fringed backwaters of the state draw in hordes of tourists and travellers from all parts of the world.

The Kerala Backwater Network

The backwaters have come into existence by the back and forth motion of the waves of the sea water. The state, as a reason, is a bewitching network of lakes, lagoons, deltas, estuaries and canals. While one travel along these wonderful backwater bodies, one comes across the natural riches and the seaside culture of Kerala. There is much to experience and enjoy while one travel along these miraculous water bodies. The Vembanad Lake is the largest backwater stretch in Kerala, with the Astamudi Lake being the second largest backwater stretch of Kerala. Kerala boasts of around 44 rivers, all of them emptying into the Arabian Sea. The backwater of Kerala extends over 1900 kilometres.
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Chief Kerala Backwater Destinations


One of the most interesting and exciting backwaters of Kerala is the Kuttanad region. Popular known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala’, this area is unique in the way that farming is done here below sea-level.


The town of Alappuzha is known for some excellent backwater boat cruises. On account of its intricate network of canals, Alappuzha is famous as the ‘Venice of the East’. The sight of the coir workers soaking coconut fibre in pools, beating them and winding the strands on long spindles stretched between an endless line of coconut trees, is truly a wonderful experience. Travel Alappuzha to experience the beauty of nature and unique culture of this region of Kerala.


Kollam, a charming old port city, is positioned along the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake. The place is known far and wide for being the chief centre of the cashew industry in Kerala. The ferry service takes around 8 hours to take one to Alappuzha from here.


12 km west of the Kottayam town lies Kumarakom. This excellent backwater destination is popular for its 14-acre bird sanctuary where avifauna like fowl, cuckoo, water ducks, and the Siberian stork are chief travel attractions.

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The Kozhikode backwaters lie in northern Kerala. These backwaters have the potential to turn your holiday into a perfect and promising holiday. The exciting past, splendid backwaters and water sports facilities of the place attract tourists in large numbers.


Kochi is known far and wide for its natural harbour. This magnificent group of islands has earned itself the title of the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. The waterfront can be seen lined with unique Chinese fishing nets that make a wonderful sight for the onlookers.

Best Time to Enjoy

December to March is the ideal time to cruise along these backwaters. The natural wealth and the scenic sights of Kerala can best be viewed by undertaking a boat cruise along these magnificent water bodies. If one wishes to enjoy the boat races of along these backwaters, then the travel should be planned in the month of January. The Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is held on the second Saturday of August of every year.

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