South India Destinations

South India Destinations

The Southern Belt of India covers a rich geographic and cultural region that includes the entire Indian Peninsula which makes it popular travel destination of India. It starts from the south of the Satpura and the Vindyan ranges encompassing the Deccan Plateau and ends with the eastern and the western Ghats. The Narmada river lies in between the ranges and the Deccan plateau. South India primarily consists of the four Indian states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in addition to the union territories of Lakshadweep, Pondicherry and the Andaman and the Nicobar island.

South India is filled with exotically located destinations that can mesmerise the tourist from all over the world with its panoramic views. The lush green valleys among the plantations of tea and coffee and the silvery backwaters behind most of the cities makes them a wonder to be discovered From Alappuzha in Kerala in South India which is called the rice bowl of India due to its plentiful rice cultivation, offers a mystic look to the agricultural fields all coloured in greens and yellow during the harvesting season. Chennai is another example that can be given. Just a fishing community few decades ago it had transformed itself into a cyber city and hub of the growing information technology revolution. It is the much famed capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and one of the popular travel destination in South India.

Bangalore is yet another travel destination that is today bustling with the industrial development as well as a center of software production and has rightly been nick named the Silicon Valley of India. The garden city is today reckoned as the Fashion capital of India and is the manufacturing base of about 10,000 industries, thus giving it the title of the financial capital of India. Today, Bangalore is one of the major travel destination of South India.

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