Periyar Travel

Periyar Travel

Location Near Kumily, in the south Indian state of Kerala, on the high ranges of the western ghats
Also Known as Thekkady
Prime attractions Periyar Lake and Sanctuary
Temperature Max-36° C and Min -18°C
Area 777 sq km
Altitude 2700 feet above sea level

Information About Periyar

Engulfed in the high ranges of the western ghats in the southern state of Kerala, lies the enchanting land of Periyar, the place is well known in travel industry for its wildlife sanctuary. Spread in an area covered with the tropical forests which offers the visitors a wonderful view of the combination of the deciduous, semi evergreen and tall trees that looks like touching the sky. Periyar boast of a closed canopy and its best possession is the Periyar wildlife reserve.

The Periyar wildlife Sanctuary preserves a beautiful lake in the heart of the sanctuary. The lake initially formed as a reservoir of a Dam provides drinking water to the wildlife for their sustainance. Along the sides of the lake are marshy tall grass land areas giving it an exquisite look. In the marshy land are sometimes seen the Langurs and the Macaque

The wildlife sanctuary attained the status of a national park in the year 1982 and it was declared a tiger reserve way back in 1978 to protect the tiger population under the project Tiger Plan, an initiative taken by the Government of India, to save the ever decreasing king of the Jungle
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Major Travel Attractions of Periyar

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: The Savannah grassland and the thick vegetation bores different types of shoots and grasses. About 2000 species of flowering plants belonging to about 160 families and 823 genera were identified in the park premises. The major trees identified are Teak, Rosewood, Terminalia, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood and Jacaranda. Entire herds of Elephants can be seen swimming and drinking water in the Periyar lake. The main wildlife attractions found at the sanctuary are Malabar Giant Squirrel, Malabar Horn bill, different variety of deers, stripe neck mongoose, egrets, lizards civet cats and the Brahmin eagles. There are also about 260 species of Birds and about 100 varieties of Butterflies that can be seen in the territory of the park, all these makes this place major travel attraction for the wildlife and nature lovers.

Kumily: Kumily, the growing plantation township in terms of tourism closely associated with the place of Thekkady. Situated on the outskirts of the Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Kumily is a fine shopping center and a trade centre for spices. Most of the accommodation of the tourists and the regular commutation of the peoples of the locality from Kumily, as the bus stand is located there.

Murikkady: The place of Murikadu is splendidly covered with the lush green vegetation of the cardamons, coffee estates and the pepper plantations. It offer a soothing experience to the visitors as every things looks green and nature’s plenty and attracts the visitors to travel here as many times. It is place to forget the worries and tensions of the mind and completely submerge into the valley of greens.

Boat Cruises in Periyar Lake: The boat cruises are the best experiences in the wilds of Periyar wildlife sanctuary and is an important travel attraction. The entire park area can be seen on the boat with the pleasure of spotting the wild species along with the endangered ones. In present days the Periyar lake offers an unique experience to the visitors by making them visit the sanctuary on the small cruises.

Cardomom Hills: The exotic view points can be explored in a better manner from the place of Kumily and Periyar. The hills provides a pleasure that is very special and remains in some corners of the heart of the visitors for a long time.
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Nearby Travel Attractions of Periyar

Tribal villages: Around the place of Periyar, there is situated the tribal village where the expertise of the tribal fisherman can be seen. Apart from that they are great farmers and the land nearby are all covered with the pulses and the different vegetations. Some among them still practice the traditional practice of collecting honey of the dangerous hill bees. They dwell on the long trees and keep a close watch on the wild pigs that come to ruin their cultivation.


From Periyar, tourist can buy different souvenir and crafts available in the crafts shop located in Kumily. The best items one can take home are the Silk scarves and paintings, jewellery, ornaments and trinkets.

Accommodation at Periyar

The hotels and resorts of Periyar provides the required comfort for a relaxed stay after a hard day adventure in the wildlife sanctuary. The well known hotels are Spice Village hotel located outside the wildlife sanctuary offering 52 air-cooled cottages in the middle of spice plantations. A multi-cuisine restaurant and a heated swimming pool adds to its beauty. Other names of hotel are Taj Garden retreat and the Lake Palace Hotel.

How to Reach Periyar

By Air: The nearest airport from Periyar, is situated lies at Cochin 190 km far. The other is at Madurai in Tamil Nadu.
By Rail: The nearest Railway Station from Periyar is Kottayam at a distance of 114 kms.
By Road: The nearest bus stand is at Kumily 4 km away, which is well-connected by roads to other major towns of Kerala

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