Tamil Nadu Tourism Places

Tamil Nadu Tourism Places

The land of rich cultural heritage

Located in the Southern region of India, Tamil Nadu is nestled around Indian Ocean in the South, Eastern Ghats in the north, Kerala, Anamalai and Nilgiri on the West and Bay of Bengal in the East. It is known as the ‘land of rich cultural heritage.’ Lauded for being one of the continuously inhabited regions in India, the main attractions of Tamil Nadu include historical monuments, 1000 km sun-kissed beaches, adventurous wildlife and bird sactuaries, rythmic cascading waterfalls and pageantry of festive days. With the myriad options of travel and experience, Tamil Nadu is definitely one of the rewarding tours to indulge in.


It is presumed that the Indus Valley Dravidians who had escaped to Southern part of India to safeguard themselves from the invasion of the Aryans led to the origin of the Tamilians. There are several stone-carved grand temples embellishing the Tamil Nadu territory, which were constructed once by very powerful rulers. After witnessing a stint of Muslim invasion, this territory was later stabilised by the Vijayanagara Empire with its capital at Hampi, present day Karnataka. Later, the history of Madras (Chennai), the current capital and largest city of Tamil Nadu witnessed a change of times with the establishment of the East India Company in 1639.

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This eleventh largest state of India is bordered by Kerala in the West, Andhra Pradesh in the North, Karnataka to the North West and Bay of Bengal to its east. The southernmost tip of Tamil Nadu, present in Kanyakumari is the point where Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea meets. It is also the only state in India where both the Eastern and the Western Ghats meet at the Nilgiri Hills. Its heavy dependency to monsoons make chances of droughts frequent during the absence of it.


The climate is generally tropical in nature in Tamil Nadu. The Tropical Savanna Climate takes over most of the geography of Tamil Nadu. The state is also known for three stark periods of monsoon. There is very little difference in the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu. The hottest months of the year are April and May.

The main attractions of Tamil Nadu tour are:

Located in Kancheepuram, this town is also known as a heritage city. Historically, it was lauded as one of the sevent century sea ports of the Pallava Empire. The fascinating temples and beaches of Mahabalipuram attracts a lot of tourists every year. It is lauded for being the birthplace of the Hindu religious architecture. It is also called as the birthplace of sacred temples in India.
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Known for being the last place made by God, Kanyakumari is famous for being the confluence of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Along with its beaches, it is known for Kanyakumari Temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Along with the temple, Kanyakumari is also known for the Gandhi Memorial, Government Museum and the Rock Memorial Temple.

The largest city and the capital of Tamil Nadu is known for Fort St. George which was built by the British, the Marina Beach which is the second longest beach in the world, the Kapaleswarar Gopuram which signifies the exquisite Dravidian architecture and the exotic Madras Snake Park.

Known for being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is definitely every backpacker’s dream. It is also known the tea and cardamon plantations. The old British style architecture, still prevalent in the cottages and bungalows remind of the bygone days. Unexpected waterfalls and interesting wildlife makes it even more of a delight.

Located on the island in the Gulf of Manar, this temple town of Rameshwaram is lauded as the ‘Varanasi of the East.’ It is known for the Ramanathaswami Temple, Dhanushkodi and Kurusadai Islands.

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The main festivals of Tamil Nadu

The main festivals held in Tamil Nadu are Pongal (middle of January), alli Kattu – Bull fight (second day of Pongal), Sivarathri (february), Chitthirai Festival (March), Adi Perukku (August), Vinayaka Chathurthi (September), Shrine Velankanni Festival (September) and Natyanjali Festival (November).

Cuisines of Tamil Nadu

The mouthwatering delicacies of Tamil Nadu become even tastier with the indigenous belief that serving food is equivalent to serving humanity. Lentis, legumes and rices are the main ingredients in the cuisines. The traditional way of eating is on the banana leaves.

Shopping in Tamil Nadu

Clothing, curios and fabrics are the main delights of Tamil Nadu. Sungundi Saris and fabric with exquisite Batik work are the charm of Madurai. Handicraft items and hammock are sold at Mahabalipuram.

How to Reach Tamil Nadu

Air: Chennai’s Meenambakkam airport is known for the international flights. All the other cities of Tamil Nadu do have airports that cater to the domestic flights.
Rail: The main railway stations of Tamil Nadu are present in Coimbatore, Tiruchillapalli, Madurai and Chennai.
Road: The extensive road network in Tamil Nadu makes it easy to connect every city and town in the state through public and private buses.

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