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Karnataka Tourism Places

Karnataka Tour Attractions

The Rich Cultural Hotspot of South India

Known as one of the prominent tourism hotspots in India, Karnataka is lauded for fragrance of sandalwood, exquisite feel of Mysore silk, delicate wooden toys from Channapatna and living ruins of Hampi. It fits the bill for adding razzmatazz and snazz in your travel. There are anonymous beaches and sacred temples dotting the tropical coast of Karnataka. Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka is known for being the 'Silicon Valley of India.' Trendy and artistic cafes, shops and restaurants further enhance the ambience of Karnataka. Thus, Karnataka is the sought after destination for intrepid travellers, foreign tourists and even the religious pilgrims.

The Indus Valley Dravidians have inhabited the territory of Karnataka. The historical and cultural development of Karnataka has taken place after witnessing the growth of several dynasties and empires. Robert Bruce Foote, who is known as the Father of Indian Pre-history played an important role in excavating the important details related to the past of Karnataka. By being an initial part of the Mauryan Empire, Karnataka was meanwhile, also governed by Nandas and the Satvahanas. It was later also administered by the Badami Chalukyas, Rashtrakuta Dynasty and Western Chalukya Empire. Tipu Sultan is known for being one of the most prominent rulers of Karnataka. Later, it was the British Empire which took over Karnataka's control.

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Karnataka is located in the south western part of India. It is surrounded by Goa and Maharashtra in the North, Arabian Sea in the West, Andhra Pradesh in the East and Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the South. There are three main coastal zones of Karnataka, which are mainly the coastal strip, the western ghats and the Deccan plateau. The varied soil and vegetation of Karnataka makes it easier for it to grow different kinds of trees such as sandalwood, teak, rosewood and others.

Moderate summers and pleasant winters are the tempting features of Karnataka's climate. The Tropical Monsoon Climate is present in the coastal belt of Karnataka. Dry tropical savana climate is present in the southern part of Karnataka.

The main attractions of Karnataka tour are
Bengaluru: The ISKCON Temple in Bengaluru is one of the prime attractions of the city. It signifies the Dravidian temple architecture. The Mysore Wodeyars's Bengaluru Palace is another delight. Quite similar to the Windsor Castle, the Bengaluru Palace reveals the exquisite details of the architectural marvel. Tourists also love to have a motor boat ride in the Ulsoor Lake. The Tipu Sultan Fort and Summer Palace is another distinct place to watch. The Imposing white structure of Jama Masjid is a dynamic attraction as well.

Badami: Also known as Vatapi, it was lauded as the royal capital of the Badami Chalukyas. The structural and rock cut temples of Badami are known for their finesse and intricate designing. Sculptures, inscriptions, forts and cave temples are the landmarks in Badami. The seventh century Malegatti Shivalaya is one of the most sought after shivalayas in the region.

Bandipur National Park: This national park was established in 1974. Initially it used to be the private hunting reserve for the Maharajas of the Kingdom of Mysore. It is known for preserving the endangered wildlife species such as tigers, Indian elephants, gaurs, four horned antelopes and Indian rock pythons.

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Chikmagalur: The Veera Narayana Temple is one of the most prominent temples of Belavadi, a place with a lot of historic temples. The lush green coffee plantations of the town makes it an even more tempting hotspot to explore. It is fondly also called as the 'Coffee land of Karnataka.'

Gokarna: It is known for the jagged cliffs, epiphanic sunsets, undiscovered coves, the open beaches and the quaint temples. The sun sand sleepy beaches of this little town are added attractions.

Coorg: Located in the Western Ghats in Karnataka, Coorg is known for ethnic warrior people and its coffee plantations. Backpackers simply love to explore the beauty of Coorg while trekking over mountains to watch the beautiful sun rise. It is a completely different slice of paradise on earth.

Main Festivals of Karnataka
The celebrated festivals of Karnataka are Pattadakkal Dance Festival (January), Makar Sankranti (January), Hoysala Mahotsava (March), Ugadi (March), Dussehra (September-October) and Karaga. (first month of the Hindu Calender).

Cuisine of Karnataka
Known for being one of the oldest cuisines in India, the main delicacies include Vangi Bath, Idli-vada Sambar, Saaru, Ragi rotti, Bisi bele bath and Udupi Cuisine. The sweet dishes in Mysore include Dharwad pedha , Obbattu, , Mysore PakĀ  and Sajjige.
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Shopping in Karnataka
The metal handicraft known as Bidriware had originated in Karnataka. It is crafted into hookahs, boxes and ornamental bowls. Slippery chiffons, carved rosewood and crepe are the sought after products in Karnataka.

How to Reach
Air: The Bengaluru Airport is well connected all over India. One can also explore Karnataka by reaching the Bajpe airport at Mangalore.
Rail: Bengaluru is well connected to the railheads all across the country.
Road: It is easily to travel to the cities of Karnataka through the inter state bus services from Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa and Andhra Pradesh.

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